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J&R Global Trade is your liaison to fulfill a variety of import-export needs thanks to our extensive network of Latin American, European and North American business partners

Who are we?

                            Our Trading House is a specialized commercial intermediary that you can count on to elaborate your strategy of market diversification. We offer an integrated service of operations between North American, European and Latin American import/export companies. On your behalf, we act as your culturally sensitive facilitators of business negotiations.  We therefore stimulate and solidify commercial relationships between North American, European and Latin American companies.


                            We efficiently conduct all necessary lines of communication acting as a bridge between the two parties. We promote and safeguard the reputation of your product within our network of contacts. Our versatile offer generates added value on different levels of commercial operations.  We negotiate on behalf of the two parties without taking possession of the merchandise.

              We are always on the look out for new opportunities in your business milieu and we are your support system.


                                                                                           Your Market Specialist


                                                                                          Roberto Salcedo, President.





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